Some bits and pieces working with clients and friends alongside some self initiated projects.

school work

Here are a few projects from my time studying at Shillington in 2019. We did a total of 36 briefs over 3 months and all of these projects has 2-3 briefs each.

Apple Watch mockup
polyphonic logo
budding archiveM3 phone mockup
vertical cover

about me

I'm a freelance designer/marketer involved with creative studios and music labels in Australia and around the world. I've developed brands, created original artwork/content and have designed and built websites using Webflow. Happy to help with all things user experience (UX/UI), branding, design, strategy, content, social and marketing management.

I DJ and make music under a number of aliases and have been known to throw an event or workshop from time to time.

I'm currently based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia so hit me up if you want to grab a coffee or chat over your video chat software of choice. Always available and open to all opportunities.