Some bits and pieces working with clients and friends alongside some self initiated pieces.

school work

Here are a few projects from my time studying at Shillington in 2019. We did a total of 36 briefs over 3 months and all of these projects has 2-3 briefs each.

Apple Watch mockup
polyphonic logo
budding archiveM3 phone mockup
vertical cover

about me

I'm a freelance designer involved with creative studios and music labels in Australia and around the world. I've developed brands, created original artwork/content and have designed and built websites using Webflow. Happy to help with all things user experience (UX/UI), branding, design, strategy, content, social and marketing management.

I DJ and make music under a number of aliases but will have more on that here soon.

I'm currently based in Meanjin (Brisbane), Australia and am doing Community Management work at Range Brewing.